Artist turns heads by creating unique hairstyles

By Hoa Mi, Thao Nhi   March 12, 2022 | 06:30 pm PT
Nguyen Phat Tri has been making a name for himself by creating hairstyles that look like ornate flowers and birds.

He has earned recognition online for hairstyles that resemble lotus and other flowers, making them appear as if they growing from a person's head.

He also creates hairstyles that look like birds and soccer balls.

He recently shared a video tutorial of how he made a person’s hairstyle look like a dove on his social media account to spread the message of peace and unity in the world.

It has racked up over 2,000 likes on his Instagram account and lots of compliments.

Dove-inspired hairstyle and flower updo designs by Tri. Photo courtesy of the artist

Dove-inspired hairstyle and flower updo designs by Tri. Photo courtesy of the artist

To create these one-of-a-kind styles, the 28-year-old first sketches them on paper, finds accessories and equipment, and makes a wig first before bringing his vision to life on people’s hair.

Sometimes he only needs one or two hours to complete a style while others take him even three months.

Tri's clients range from celebrities to brides and party-goers. It costs them VND3-7 million ($131-306.5).

His works have been featured in international publications like the South China Morning Post, Brightside, Oddity, and Bored Panda and received positive comments.

"I am happy when my works appear on international sites and consider that as a motivation for me to constantly try harder," he says.

Tri graduated in biotechnology from An Giang University in 2015 but loved art and had a talent for painting, and so switched to studying make-up and hairdressing.

Tri creates a hairstyle that mimics the volume and form of a real-life flower. Photo courtesy of Tri

One of Tri’s flower-like styles. Photo courtesy of Tri

At first, because the style he pursued was almost unheard of in Vietnam, he mainly learned online from great foreign hairstylists.

Considering creating unique hairstyles a pleasure, he has never felt bored or discouraged though the job often requires staying up late and getting up early.

"There have many failures but I still believe that nothing is impossible".

Tri now wants to focus on teaching others.

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