Prostitutes, mistresses normal for men: Vietnamese-born businesswoman

By Hang Tran   October 5, 2023 | 05:37 pm PT
Mimi Morris, American socialite of Vietnamese heritage and the richest star of Netflix series “Bling Empire,” said she wouldn’t worry if her husband ever paid for sex.
American socialite of Vietnamese heritage Mimi Morris. Photo from Morris Instagram

American socialite of Vietnamese heritage Mimi Morris. Photo from Morris' Instagram

"If my husband would ever pay for prostitutes, that’s unfortunate, but I will forgive him since I don’t think it is a big deal," Morris, 53, told NgoiSao.

"But I will file for divorce if he spends his love on another woman."

Still, Morris stated that she would not get jealous if her husband Don Morris, 73, were to betray her. She would only feel heartbroken that she could no longer make him love her.

"I look down on women who make a scene out of jealousy," she said, explaining that the man only betrays his true love when his feelings for the woman have gone.

And in cases like that, acting jealously simply does not help, according to Morris. The independently wealthy and successful businesswoman said that in this case ending the couple’s relationship is indeed the best way to behave.

Having completed their marriage registration in 2010, Morris and her husband have been together for over a decade. Her husband has never missed a chance to have dinner with her as long as they are in the same city, said Morris. Its behavior like that has proved his commitment to Morris, and thus she said her trust in him had been totally reinforced.

"I’m not even worried when my husband travels somewhere alone," she said. "Instead, I always tell the hotels he stays in to prepare dishes he likes. And my husband is aware of how considerate I am."

But that does not necessarily mean the Morris couple has never experienced challenges in their relationship. Morris said she and her husband, just like any other couple, have encountered clashes of lifestyle choices when they first moved in together.

"I followed everything he said when we first married, since I believed that he was better than me," she said. "But every time I did that, things didn't turn out the way they were supposed to."

From the other pole, Don Morris sometimes intervened in her work, she said, despite not being savvy in the field. And that was often another cause of arguments between the couple.

"There were fights that pushed us to the brink of breaking up with each other," she recalled.

Morris said even so, she never compromised. She posited that giving in was something "weaker women might have done." She said she was the type of woman who avoids arguing about subjects she doesn’t know about, but also fights committedly for the things she is certain about.

So, she told her husband a few fights later: "I will never touch your business."

"But at the same time, I want you not to intervene in my business as well. A company cannot operate well if it has two owners."

The decision has worked out for the couple and they haven’t argued since. They also grew to better understand each other over time.

"We now understand what the other one wants simply by looking at each other," Morris said.

When being asked to give some tips on maintaining a happy family, Morris said she believed that meals together are the best way to connect people.

"Every man wants to come back home after a day of working, with a prepared dinner and a cozy atmosphere waiting for them," she said. "I know many women are busy with their lives and find it hard to cook for their families, but every woman should cook between three and four days a week."

Another tip the mogul applied into her married life is always maintaining herself and making sure her family’s accommodation is clean and nice.

"I do the furniture arrangements in our house, I take care of my children, and I prepare every meal on my own," she said. "I think every woman should take care of her husband and her kids while avoiding relying on domestic help for these tasks."

Morris’ care and considerateness may have been the things that make her husband always think of herself as the best one in every field. He often compliments her on different things, she said, from her appearance, cooking skills, singing talents, to the way she treats everyone around.

"My husband complains about everyone," she said. "But I’m always the best in his eyes, and he praises me so frequently that I have to tell him to stop sometimes."

However, Morris is able to admit that she’s not always so good about this herself.

"On the other hand, I complain about him a lot, but he has never argued with me because of what I said."

Born in Vietnam, but a successful business owner in the U.S., Morris is known for being the richest cast member of the Netflix show "Bling Empire," which revolves around the lives of wealthy Asians and Asian-Americans.

Starting off with a real estate business, Morris gradually established her name in business and has become a wealthy woman on her own.

Her husband, Don Morris, president and CEO of the Morris Group International, owns a total of 75 patents and makes its reputation and profits from manufacturing thousands of products.

The couple has a joint net worth of around $800 million. They now live together in a chateau-like mansion in California, a property they bought in 2018 for $8.8 million, according to the South China Morning Post.

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