Rich men don't marry for looks: Vietnamese-born mogul

By Hang Tran   September 27, 2023 | 01:46 am PT
American actress and businesswoman of Vietnamese heritage Mimi Morris, also the richest cast member of "Bling Empire," says successful men don’t marry beautiful women merely because they look good.
Businesswoman Mimi Morris. Photo from Mimi Morris’ Instagram

Businesswoman Mimi Morris. Photo from Mimi Morris’ Instagram

"Women should never think they can marry rich men just because of their looks," the businesswoman told NgoiSao.

"Successful men want to marry women who can share and support them in their lives."

Morris, 53, who is known for being the richest cast member of the Netflix show "Bling Empire" which revolves around lives of the wealthy Asians and Asian-Americans, explained that beautiful women who know nothing except how to wear nice clothes and enjoy life are not what wealthy men, including her own 73-year-old husband Don Morris, president and CEO of the Morris Group International, want.

She said successful men want a woman to help take care of and nurture a family.

"Rich men never look for beautiful women who [do nothing but to] spend their money," she emphasized.

She added that despite being a successful and independently wealthy woman on her own now, she still takes care of every household chore in her home, ranging from getting up at 4 a.m. every day to prepare breakfast for her husband and her kids, to taking care of the pets they have.

What might be against a large part of the population’s normal belief, Morris thinks of the fact that she stills takes care of the chores as a normal thing, since domestic helpers cannot know what every family member really needs the way the woman of the house can.

"My husband has said many times that he was lucky to have me as his wife," Morris said. "I think so too, rather than consider myself lucky to have married a rich man like him."

Mimi and Donald Morris. Photo from Mimi Morris Instagram

Mimi and Donald Morris. Photo from Mimi Morris' Instagram

She then shared that her husband and her now own 31 companies, an increase from the seven companies her husband had when they first met.

Owning a total of 75 patents, his companies make their reputation and profits from manufacturing thousands of products.

"I think I contributed to that achievement," she said.

She made it clear that her husband was actually the one pushed for their wedding, not her, as many people might have believed. In fact, she said, she denied his proposal dozens of times before the two officially became husband and wife. As a woman who had already divorced once, Morris did not want to end up hurting her kids again. But then Don Morris told her she’d have to choose between getting married and breaking up with him.

"So, I told him if he wanted a wedding ceremony, it had to be a ‘first class’ one," she said. "He replied that he could do anything for me as long as I accepted his proposal."

The couple completed their marriage registration in 2010 and held a wedding ceremony a year later.

They now live together in a chateau-like mansion in California, a property they bought in 2018 for $8.8 million, according to the South China Morning Post.

Morris said that her husband has done an excellent job of his responsibilities as a husband and a father since they were married.

Looking back on her journey, Morris said her life had always been full of challenges.

"I came to the U.S. at the age of 29 with a kid and nothing in my hand," she said. "I slept between three and four hours a day, and my life was so hard. Looking back now, I think of myself as a strong woman who was able to survive on my own."

Starting off with a real estate business, Morris gradually established her name in business and has become a wealthy woman on her own.

She said it was her strong qualities, shaped by hardship, that her husband saw in her and fell for.

Having a joint net worth of around $800 million, the power couple still eats meals together every day and talks with each other 1-2 hours a day despite their busy schedules, according to Morris, in order to keep their bonds and relationship going strong.

"We have rarely eaten on our own since we got married, as we bring the other one out with us if we have to eat with our partners," Morris said. "I do believe that eating together is the key to preserving any relationship."

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