Blackpink's Lisa criticized for sexualizing women after striptease performance

By Nhu Anh   October 3, 2023 | 05:47 pm PT
Online commenters have lambasted Lisa from Blackpink for sexualizing women after her recent performance at nude-dancing cabaret Crazy Horse Paris, but others said it was an act of self-liberation.

For her act titled "Crisis? What Crisis?" Lisa played an office worker under pressure due to stock market instability. She gradually removed her clothes and threw them on the stage as she danced, Allkpop reported.

She remained scantily clad in revealing lingerie but didn’t go completely naked. After that, her character ceased to worry as the stock market went back to normal, according to the performance.

Lisa during a performance. Photo by Weibo/Lalisa House

Lisa during a performance. Photo by Weibo/Lalisa House

Chinese actor Xu Jiao shared a screenshot of Lisa’s performance from a user on social network Weibo and wrote: "I only see professional women being sexualized."

Xu’s post got 3.2 million likes and over 80,000 comments. Many agreed with her comment and pointed out how many teenagers follow Lisa as an idol, so her provocative performance at a place like Crazy Horse could have a negative influence on them.

Meanwhile, some fans defended Lisa and supported her decision. User JD from the U.K. said the performance was a way for Lisa to "liberate herself."

On social networks like X, Weibo and Instagram, people who attended the show had generally favorable reactions amid the ire of some netizens. Thai MC Woody, who has over two million followers on Instagram, said he never thought of going to Crazy Horse until Lisa decided to perform there. He said he believed that at 26 years old, it was the most appropriate time for Lisa to express herself.

Lisa performed for three nights at the Crazy Horse Paris on September 28-30. All of her shows were limited to people aged over 16 only, and guests were asked to not use their cellphones during the performances.

Other Blackpink members Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé attended the show to support Lisa.

Born Lalisa Manoban in Thailand, Lisa, 26, made her debut with the South Korean superstar K-pop girl group Blackpink in 2016. She launched a simultaneous solo career in 2021 and became the first solo K-pop artist to have a song reach 1 billion streams on Spotify with her song "Money."

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