8 Vietnamese celebrities' weddings in 2023

By Hang Tran   December 31, 2023 | 06:17 pm PT
Supermodel Thanh Hang tying the knot to conductor Tran Nhat Minh and Miss Vietnam 2020 contestant marrying ace national defender Doan Van Hau are among the most-discussed weddings in Vietnam 2023.

Supermodel Thanh Hang, 40, and conductor Tran Nhat Minh, 42

Supermodel Thanh Hang and conductor Tran Nhat Minh. Photo from Hangs Facebook

Supermodel Thanh Hang and conductor Tran Nhat Minh. Photo from Hang's Facebook

The supermodel-conductor couple held their wedding at a five-star hotel in Ho Chi Minh City on Oct. 22. Fresh flowers, mostly peonies and white tulips, symbolizing sincere love, were used to decorate the venue, leaving guests with a great impression.

Alternating between three wedding dresses created by renowned fashion designers Cong Tri and Tang Thanh Cong, the bride was praised for her style. Meanwhile, the groom was complimented for his piano and singing performance gifted to the bride during the ceremony’s opening.

Many among the bride’s celebrity friends, including pop star Ho Ngoc Ha, also performed at the event.

Miss Vietnam 2020 contestant Doan Hai My, 22, and national defender Doan Van Hau, 24

Miss Vietnam 2020 contestant Doan Hai My and national defender Doan Van Hau. Photo from Mys Facebook

Miss Vietnam 2020 contestant Doan Hai My and national defender Doan Van Hau. Photo from My's Facebook

The beauty queen-footballer couple held two weddings in November: one at a football pitch in Hau’s hometown, the northern province of Thai Binh, and one at a five-star hotel in Hanoi.

Both events’ venues were decorated with fresh flowers including hydrangeas, white phalaenopsis, white roses, and baby’s breath, all symbolizing happiness.

The bride’s collection of wedding dresses included four gowns, including one made by Vera Wang that reportedly cost US$3,300.

Actress Diem My 9X, 33, and businessman Vinh Nguyen, 32

The actress-businessman’s big day was held at a wedding venue in Ho Chi Minh City on Dec. 21, and attended by numerous famous artists like actor-comedian Tran Thanh, supermodel Vo Hoang Yen, and Miss International Queen 2018 Huong Giang.

The wedding venue was decorated with an aisle that recreated the look of the Yarra River in Melbourne, where the couple had many memories.

Model Linh Rin, 30, and luxury retailer heir Phillip Nguyen, 38

Model Linh Rin and luxury retailer heir Phillip Nguyen. Photo from Linhs Facebook

Model Linh Rin and luxury retailer heir Phillip Nguyen. Photo from Linh's Facebook

The couple held their solemn marriage ceremony at a church in Manila, the Philippines on Mar. 23.

Nguyen is the third son of Johnathan Hanh Nguyen, the chairman of IPPG – the top luxury retailer in Vietnam. The group is the exclusive distributor of over 100 luxury brands in Vietnam, including Rolex, Cartier and Dolce & Gabbana.

It is reported that the groom personally planned for the event’s decorations, which combined cultural essences of Vietnam and the Philippines.

Many celebrities, including actress Tang Thanh Ha — Nguyen’s sister-in-law — and singer Chi Pu, attended the event.

Actress Phuong Lan, 29, and her manager Phan Dat, 27

The couple’s wedding took place on Nov. 20 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Deep brown was chosen as the theme color for the event, and reeds and fresh roses were used to decorate the venue.

The bride changed between her three flower-inspired wedding dresses by designer Linh Nga.

Actress Puka, 34, and singer Gin Tuan Kiet, 29

Their three wedding ceremonies in the coastal province of Cam Ranh, Ho Chi Minh City, and the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap marked them the celebrity couple with the most weddings in Vietnam in 2023.

Their Cam Ranh beach wedding went for simple and elegant style, while their Ho Chi Minh City event had a modern and luxurious style, and their Dong Thap nuptials made use of traditional items in the Mekong Delta like coconut leaves, bamboo, and meticulously woven materials.

Miss Vietnam 2020 runner-up Phuong Anh, 25, and businessman Dac Duc, 29

The beauty queen-businessman couple held their wedding on Sep. 17 in Ho Chi Minh City. The theme of their ceremony was "fairytale forest," and as many as four tons of white flowers were used in decoration, with orchids and baby's breath, among other flowers, placed along the aisle.

Many fellow beauty queens showed up at the event, including Miss Grand International 2021 Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien, Miss World Vietnam 2019 Luong Thuy Linh, and Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 Doan Thien An.

Dancers Vu Ngoc Anh, 33, and Cuong Seven, 34

The dancer couple had their wedding held in Hanoi on July 28.

The ceremony’s venue was decorated in a disco style, with glittering disco balls used as decorative items.

Anh wore a three-in-one wedding dress made by designer Phuong Linh. The highlight of her outfit was an intricately beaded choker chain around her neck and shoulders, styled to drape freely. As she removed the detachable skirt, her dress transformed into a long-tailed gown reminiscent of Tinker Bell. When Anh removed the dress’ tail again, her gown turned into a short and youthful outfit.

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