Thai woman detained for stealing from foreign tourist

By Hoang Phong    November 27, 2023 | 03:28 pm PT
Thai woman detained for stealing from foreign tourist
Tourists at a bar on the Soi Cowboy touristic street in Bangkok. Photo by AFP
Thai police arrested a local woman late last week for stealing US$2,100 in cash and an iPhone 14 Pro from a Turkish man she was dating via an online app.

The tourist filed a complaint with police on Nov. 20, saying he had been robbed by a Thai woman at a hotel in Pattaya City, Thaiger reported.

The alleged victim said he had begun dating the woman via an online app just three days before the theft occurred. After chatting, they arranged to meet in Pattaya and he invited her to travel in South Pattaya with him.

At one point, they both visited his hotel room, and she suggested he take a shower. When he finished bathing and exited the bathroom, he could not find her, Khaosod English newspaper reported.

When he checked his belongings, he realized that foreign currency worth about US$2,100, and an iPhone 14 Pro worth around 30,000 baht, were missing.

He said they had gone out together in Pattaya and had some drinks at a few nightclubs before going back to his hotel room.

Investigators said the woman fled and hid in Rayong Province following the theft.

The Criminal Code of Thailand states that those committing theft can be imprisoned for three years, alongside being fined 6,000 baht.

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