Rise in badly-behaved tourists prompts Indonesia visa reassessment

By Hoang Phong    June 15, 2024 | 06:00 pm PT
Rise in badly-behaved tourists prompts Indonesia visa reassessment
Tourists at a beach in Bali, Indonesia. Photo by AFP
Tourism authorities on the famous resort island of Bali have called on the Indonesian government to reconsider its current visa-on-arrival policy as disrespectful tourists continue to make a mockery of the formerly sacred island.

In a petition sent to the government, the Bali Tourism Industry Association urged the government to investigate whether its visa-on-arrival policy needs to be changed, The Bali Sun reported.

The move comes amid a long-standing series of reports from Bali involving foreigners violating immigration laws and breaking local customs, which have tarnished the island’s tourism reputation.

Currently, the visa-on-arrival and e-visa-on-arrival allow tourists from over 90 countries to visit Indonesia, including Bali, for up to 30 days.

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economies has agreed to at least consult with immigration authorities on policy changes that "could be effective," Social Expat news site reported.

Over 130 foreigners have been deported from Bali so far this year.

Last year, the government deported 300 foreign visitors for misusing or overstaying their visas.

Indonesia has recorded more than three million foreign tourist arrivals in the first quarter of this year, an increase of 25% compared to the same period last year.

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