Northern village a step back in time from Hanoi

By Thanh Nguyen   April 24, 2017 | 12:33 am PT
You’ll be surprised by how quaint this village is, given its short distance from the capital.

Located just 30km (18 miles) east of Hanoi, Nom Village is a place where traditional northern lowland cultures and values are upheld.


The gate to Nom Village.


The village is home to more than 10 ancient houses and seven places of worship, as well as a communal house.


Nom is a typical example of a village in Vietnam's north delta, with a gate, a pond, a wet market, a communal house, a pagoda and a stone bridge.


Despite the fast pace of urbanization, the houses in Nom Village have been preserved in their original designs.


The pond in Nom Village.


The stone bridge is said to be more than 200 years old.


Old people in Nom Village still dress in traditional clothing and stick to a traditional lifestyle.


The pagoda in Nom Village is home to more than 100 terracotta statues.


You can reach the village in Dai Dong Commune, Van Lam District in Hung Yen Province by motorbike from Hanoi. The journey is relaxing as you drive through paddy fields and dykes covered in green grass.

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