Hong Kong relaxes visa rules for Vietnam

By Vu Anh   October 26, 2023 | 06:57 am PT
Hong Kong has announced that Vietnamese visitors will be granted multiple-entry visas valid for two years starting Wednesday.

Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee said Vietnamese visiting to Hong Kong for tourism or business purposes will be granted multiple-entry visas with a maximum stay of 14 days per entry, according to the South China Morning Post, a change from the previous single-entry policy.

To qualify for the policy, the Vietnamese visitors need to have traveled abroad at least three times, to at least two countries in total, over the last three years, or they must have already worked or trained in Hong Kong at some point over the past two years.

Lee also said Hong Kong would open its doors for people from Vietnam, Laos and Nepal to study and work at its eight public universities as part of a multi-program effort to draw talented immigrants.

An area in Hong Kong in 2021. Photo by Reuters

A section of Hong Kong in 2021. Photo by Reuters

Pham Thu Hang, spokeswoman of Vietnam's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told a press conference Thursday that Hong Kong's new policy was "highly valuable."

Hang said Vietnam and Hong Kong were important economic partners and the simplification of visa rules would bring practical benefits to both countries for both their peoples and businesses.

She said Vietnam had previously asked several of its partners, including Hong Kong, to relax visa policies for its citizens.

"This will facilitate trade, travel and exchange between people, and help boost the friendly relationship and cooperation between Vietnam and its partners."

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