55 visa-free destinations for Vietnam passport holders

By Hoang Phong   July 19, 2023 | 08:26 pm PT
Global citizenship and residence advisory company Henley & Partners has ranked Vietnamese passport 82nd most powerful as its citizens can go to these 55 places without applying for a visa.
Destinations Continents
Barbados North America
Bolivia South America
Brunei Asia
Burundi Africa
Cambodia Asia
Cape Verde Islands Africa
Chile South America
Comoro Islands Africa
Cook Islands Oceania
Djibouti Africa
Dominica North America
Ecuador South America
Guinea-Bissau Africa
Haiti North America
Indonesia Asia
Iran Asia
Kazakhstan Asia
Kuwait Asia
Kyrgyzstan Asia
Laos Asia
Madagascar Africa
Malaysia Asia
Malawi Africa
Maldives Asia
Marshall Islands Oceania
Mauritania Africa
Mauritius Africa
Micronesia Oceania
Mozambique Africa
Myanmar Asia
Namibia Africa
Nepal Asia
Niue Oceania
Oman Asia
Palau Islands Oceania
Panama North America
Philippines Asia
Rwanda Africa
Samoa Oceania
Seychelles Africa
Sierra Leone Africa
Singapore Asia
Somalia Africa
Sri Lanka Asia
St. Lucia North America
St. Vincent and the Grenadines North America
Suriname South America
Taiwan Asia
Tajikistan Asia
Tanzania Africa
Thailand Asia
Timor Leste Asia
Togo Africa
Tuvalu Oceania
Zambia Africa

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