Workshop: Making traditional Mid-Autumn toys

September 6, 2017 | 11:26 am GMT+7
Opening: 08:30 am, Sat 09 Sep 2017
Take a glimpse into the upcoming festival’s history.

From the organizer:

Along with the development of society, the market for children's toys during Vietnam's Mid-Autumn Festival has also changed, reflecting the fact that imported toys have gradually taken over from seasonal shops. However, on several little corners in Hanoi, some artisans still work day and night to make unique traditional toys such as paper masks (mặt nạ giấy bồi), paper doctors (tiến sĩ giấy), tin boats (tàu thủy sắt tây), star-shaped lanterns (đèn ông sao) and lions' heads (đầu lân sư tử) to preserve the ancient craft.

See the program's agenda here

Hotline: 01693 817 017 (Ms. Hang)

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