9 times Vietnamese proved technology is overrated

By VnExpress   January 30, 2017 | 05:00 am PT
While waiting for the Fourth Industrial Revolution to arrive, Vietnamese get creative.

1. Cars are overrated, while dogs are underestimated.

Need a ride? Hop on!

2. Don't have a boat? Just relax....

3. Real planes are just like paper ones: you can always fix them with tape.

4. A moving roof? No, it's just our "magic".

5. Sometimes your buddies' laps make the most comfortable chair on earth, and their arms are just the perfect seatbelt.

Bromance at its finest.

6. No high-tech gadget can provide such an instant, comfortable sleep on the road like this.

7. Traffic light: When nobody listens to it, it just gives up.

8. Our bus drivers can drive on 2.5 wheels like a champ.

9. Technology is, in fact, useless.

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