Why Thailand is drawing twice more tourists than Vietnam

April 3, 2024 | 07:20 pm PT
Why Thailand is drawing twice more tourists than Vietnam
Pi Leh Lagoon Bay with emerald waters in Phuket, Thailand. Photo by Luong Duyen Hung
Visa policy and not just the visa: Readers cited reasons why Thailand attracted double Vietnam's foreign tourists in the first quarter of this year.

"The advantage of being able to just book a flight anytime you want, arrive and have your passport stamped without going through the hassle of applying for a visa first is obvious. Especially for older people that aren't good with technology."

"It's simple, more relaxed visa requirements for travelers to Thailand..."

"Drop the visa requirements. It's literally the only thing keeping my wife and I from spending a few weekends a year in Vietnam."

"Vietnam you are sleeping at the wheel. Wake up, improve all aspects of the tourism industry. Your lodging, hotel hospitality sectors compare very well."

"The rising numbers is not just down to the visa policies. It's also its pristine beaches free from rubbish. The locals know what earns them money and keep the beaches clean. In Bangkok and other towns and cities-you can cross the street without risking your life. Getting around Thailand on public transport is also a less scary experience than that of Vietnam!"

"The visa situation absolutely helps but it's really the far better infrastructure that supports the tourists coming to Thailand. Better roads, better airports, better service, better value for things like golf, better shopping, more selections in hotels and F&B as a growing segment in eco and historical travel sites."

"1500+ miles of coastline. Better facilities. Relaxed atmosphere. Thailand."

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