Phu Quoc must be cleaner and cheaper if it wants tourists back

October 15, 2023 | 08:46 pm PT
Phu Quoc must be cleaner and cheaper if it wants tourists back
Phu Quoc night market. Photo by VnExpress/Ngoc Thanh
Readers said Phu Quoc needs plans for clean and sustainable tourism, with reasonable prices, to win back its charm.

"Went to Phu Quoc once and its hotels are more expensive than Phuket or Bali and compared to those two there is almost no off resort dining and entertainment options. Add to that the uncomfortable ghost town feeling as they way over built Phu Quoc for the actual demand level."

"Phu Quoc would have to be the most expensive tourist spot in Vietnam. I guess the answer to encourage more tourist is fairly obvious. Reduce your prices. A coffee in Can Tho is 20,000 dong. The same coffee in Phu Quoc is 80,000 dong. And the list goes on."

"The problem is that Phu Quoc has to get its act together and clean up the place. If not, we'll be complaining about tourist numbers for the coming 20 years."
Johan Kruimer

"[The beaches] is the biggest issue. There are literally open sewer drains right on the beach in Long Beach. The hotels/resorts have built so close to the water that the beach has become eroded. There's leftover construction from resorts that have gone out of business that just lies in ruins on the beach. And then Sao Beach which actually could be one of the top beaches in SE Asia is full of trash."

"In the 2 years I was living in Phu Quoc (from 2019 to 2021) I could see the change to the worse with littering everywhere from karaoke or just leave garbage everywhere. All the beaches are a mess and it seems that Phu quoc has no plans for garbage/toilet waste who are made for the benefit for nature. Yes I understand families who rather pay more money to fly to other places that are clean. And if nothing happened then Phu Quoc will be covered with waste and trash and no one will go there anymore its up to the people who live on Phu Quoc to take the initiative in their hands to change things."

"Phu Quoc is a prime example for tourist development gone wrong in almost any way thinkable. There is obviously no vision for sustainable, clean and attractive development."

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