Outright rejection of overtime is unfair to employers

By Huy Le   August 25, 2023 | 04:00 pm PT
Many young Gen Z employees think that they are protecting their rights by rejecting overtime outright, but they are being unfair to their employers.

I do not support a company's exploitation of its workers, but I don't think it's fair when some young employees give themselves the power to completely block messages and calls from their company after official work hours.

Any business in the process of operation will encounter unexpected issues outside office hours. For example, a package could be lost, or maybe a contract is faulty and needs urgent adjustment.

If every employee firmly refuses to lend a hand when such problems arise, the damage incurred to the business could be huge. And of course, when the business is damaged, the employees will also suffer the impacts.

As a paid worker, if you want to receive one dollar from the company, you must have made it two or three dollars. Only then can the business be profitable and survive.

In addition to the salaries paid to you and other employees, the company has many other expenses to pay such as office rent, electricity and water, telephone, Internet, stationery, security, facilities, insurance, holiday rewards, and taxes.

If you insist that you make a dollar, and you should get that entire dollar, what will the business be left with? When someone sets up a company to create jobs for you, they must get something in return, they must make a profit.

To think that you should get one dollar for every dollar you make for the company is childish. Or maybe it's time you stop working for others and start your own business, to bear your own losses and profits.

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