My taxi driver only accepts to take less money when I threaten to call the police

By Le Pham   June 23, 2023 | 06:30 pm PT
My taxi driver only accepts to take less money when I threaten to call the police
Passengers wait for taxi at Tan Son Nhat airport's international terminal in HCMC, April 2023. Photo by VnExpress/Ha Giang
Taxi scams are a stain on the tourism industry and should be eradicated by authorities, readers say.

"I took a Ho Chi Minh City taxi from Tan Son Nhat airport to Pham Hong Thai Street in District 1 last week. After around 600m, I noticed the meter suddenly jump from VND13,000 to VND38,000. I felt strange so I decided to watch it carefully. Then I noticed the meter jump again and again, very quickly, even when we were stopped at red lights. I angrily asked the driver to turn off the meter and offered to pay VND120,000, the fare stipulated by a ride-hailing app for the distance. But the driver refused. He only accepted the money when I threatened to call a police station in the area. I shared the story with the hotel receptionist when I arrived, and she said she had heard much worse. Many foreign guests had been charged VND600,000-700,000 for the eight-km ride (which normally costs around VND100,000)."
Hoang Viet

I took a taxi from Tan Son Nhat to Go Vap District. When we were almost there, the meter read nearly VND500,000, which is twice the amount I normally pay. So I asked the driver to drive me to a nearby police station. Then tried to make an excuse -- his meter ‘must have been broken!’ -- and then he said that VND300,000 would be ‘fine'."
Nguyen Hung

"Some crooked taxi drivers are sabotaging the livelihoods of their colleagues and tourism workers by giving their industries a bad name. People go on vacation to enjoy themselves, not for terrible experiences and to get scammed. Everyone in the service industry needs to understand that and join hands to improve the country’s tourism image."
Vu Quang Tet

"The punishment for taxi scams is too light. An act that makes Vietnam look bad in front of international friends and keeps them from visiting deserves heavier punishment."
Heart Nguyen

"Crooked taxis should be fined VND50-100 million and lose their license for a year. A repeated violation should cause one to lose their license forever. Only then will people be deterred from committing such scams."
Dung Lung Tung

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