My neighbor runs a foul-smelling and noisy dog farm

By ​​​​​​​Thi Thuong    November 27, 2023 | 04:34 pm PT
My neighbor runs a foul-smelling and noisy dog farm
Caged dogs that are about to be slaughtered for their meat in Hanoi. Photo by VnExpress/Hoang Tao
My neighbors' family raises dozens of dogs for sale, and the smell of feces and urine combined with the ear-splitting barking all day and night caused me so much insomnia that I have had to seek psychological treatment.

The family lives behind my house. They turned one entire floor into the dog farm, which can often hold up to 30 dogs. The dogs howl regardless of day or night, especially when it's hot or when they are hungry, creating a chaos that is unbearable.

There were days when the dogs barked for several hours from midnight, making it impossible for people in the neighborhood to sleep. I once had to seek psychological treatment after suffering several years of constant insomnia that led to depression.

In addition to the noise, the whole neighborhood also suffers from the stink of dog feces and urine, even when we stay inside our houses with the doors closed.

People in the neighborhood complained to the family several times, but they scolded back at us with harsh words and forcing us to file a complaint to the authorities.

The authorities did send officers to check the situation after that, but nothing changed, so the dog farm is still there.

I think we need clear rules and strong enough sanctions for facilities like this to follow.

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