Millennials crave Gen Z's opportunity to get rich

By Quoc Khanh   May 6, 2024 | 05:12 pm PT
The only thing Gen Z is at a disadvantage is that house prices are now higher than before, but in return they have no shortage of opportunities to get rich.

It is true that today, the level of competition among young people has increased and become more intense, but along with that, the "pie" of resources is significantly larger.

In the past, people selling food and clothes had less competition, but the customers were mainly people from the same street and area. Nowadays, many people from other places come to do business, competition has indeed increased. But in return, you can also hire a shipper to deliver to customers in other provinces easily. So it cannot be said that the "pie" is divided into smaller pieces.

Second, today's population is increasing but at the same time, employment has also increased a lot. In the past, the population was low and there were few students, so there was little need for teachers. Today's population is larger, so the need for teachers has also increased, creating more job opportunities. Another example is tourism. In the past when the population was small, few people traveled. Nowadays the need to travel has increased, creating more job opportunities for service workers.

Young people work with a laptop. Photo by Unsplash/John Schnobrich

Young people work with a laptop. Photo by Unsplash/John Schnobrich

I am 38 this year, belonging to the millennial generation. The only disadvantage I feel for Gen Z is that house prices are now higher than before. But that is a problem that every society encounters. As the population increases and there is less residential land, house prices will certainly increase over time.

If young people want to save money, they must stay far from cities' centers. They can go to the suburbs to buy houses, accept remoteness, instead of looking for a central area house and complaining that it is out of reach.

I see that Gen Z now has many advantages. A typical example is that they have a higher material standard of living, do not have to worry about lack of food, clothing, books, or education, and enjoy a convenient transportation system and easy access to the Internet. If the previous generation wanted to film a promotional video, they had no equipment to do so, no platform to post the video, and technically no audiences. Now young people only need a VND5 million smartphone with an Internet connection to be able to do it in 30 minutes. That's what our generation could not do.

Every generation has its advantages and disadvantages, the situation is different each time. Only one thing is always true, that is if you want to surpass others, if you want to get rich, you must try non-stop. If we just sit around complaining and envying each other, in the end no amount of money will fall to our heads.

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