Even Google Maps cannot figure out HCMC addresses

October 16, 2023 | 06:08 pm PT
Even Google Maps cannot figure out HCMC addresses
A delivery man in an alley HCMC, November 2022. Photo by VnExpress/Thanh Loc
Readers share their experiences of being baffled by house numbers in some places in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam's largest metropolis.

"I was looking for a house on Pham Thi Giay Street in Hoc Mon District late last year. I had the door number, but could not find it since the houses on the street were numbered very randomly. The numbers did not follow any order, and there were even and odd numbers on the same side of the street. Also, many houses had a slash in their address, which is only used for houses in alleys according to the rules. So there was a house numbered 33/4 next to one numbered 10."
Y Tuong Quang

"In many parts of HCMC, the house numbers lead you nowhere. There is a house numbered 121 standing very close to number 100. There is 18C next to 18A, with 18B nowhere to be found. Addresses inside alleys are another puzzle, especially at places where alleys meet. Even Google Maps will surrender in these cases. The only solution is to call the house owner out to lead you there."
Duy Khang

"I have been a sales agent working in HCMC for 12 years, and so I know 80% of the streets. But my biggest nightmare is looking for a house in District 12, Binh Chanh or Hoc Mon on the outskirts. A house on a main street will have two slashes in its door number and one in an alley will have four. I wonder how we can fix them all."
Pham Cong Minh

"I live in an alley in Nha Be District (on the outskirts). The alley leading to my house is numbered 1491, but the alley number in my house address is 1465. There is no way to get from alley 1465 to my house. I don’t get what the numbering is based on."

"This is the consequence of unorganized urbanization. Originally, a street had a few houses and they were numbered serially. Then more houses popped up in between them and there was no more order."

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