Car drivers fancy being King of the Road

By Thu Phuong Le   November 6, 2023 | 04:00 pm PT
Car drivers fancy being King of the Road
Heavy traffic on Pham Van Dong Street in HCMC, May 19, 2022. Photo by Ha Giang
Some car drivers in Vietnam take up the entire road and honk loudly to harass motorbike drivers.

Let me list five situations in which cars regularly bully motorbikes.

First, certain roads only allow cars to travel in one direction, and many cars take over the entire road in that one direction, disregarding the fact that motorbikes are allowed to drive in the opposite direction.

Some car drivers even honk and scream at the motorbike drivers as if they are the ones violating the rules.

Second, on two-way streets, many cars just try go ahead of everyone else, and once again drive in the motorbike lane going the opposite direction. They even hit motorbikes jostling to get ahead.

Third, even on roads that have clear drawings to divide lanes for cars and motorbikes, cars still take all the space. This is very common, and you can see hundreds of motorbikes stuck behind a line of cars. This is also a reason motorbikes drive on the sidewalks.

Fourth, cars communicate with motorbikes via loud honking. This is condescending, because cars often communicate with cars via light signals. It's very noisy and uncivilized.

Finally, cars want to pass motorbikes no matter how fast the latter are driving. Some motorbikes driving at 60 kph still get pushed off the road by constant honking from behind.

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