Vietnamese team win phygital basketball title at Games of Future in Russia

By VNA   February 27, 2024 | 07:17 pm PT
Vietnam’s Thang Long Warriors won the trophy of the Games of the Future 2024's phygital basketball invitational event on Tuesday in Kazan, Russia.
Vietnam’s Thang Long Warriors are the winner of the 2024 Games of the Future. Photo by Thang Long Warriors

Vietnam’s Thang Long Warriors are the winner of the 2024 Games of the Future. Photo by Thang Long Warriors

The Vietnamese team defeated Libertadores Phygital from Venezuela 35-31 in the thrilling final to become the champions in their first time taking part in a new format tournament. It featured a digital section where athletes played NBA 2K, a basketball simulation video game, and a physical part where they competed in the traditional 2v2 basketball match. The team with higher points after two games would be the winner.

In the first one, Vietnam's Nguyen Anh Hao and Pham Nhat Thai Quang were masters of the game as they quickly went ahead to lead 5-0, extending to 12-3 before wrapping up at 20-8.

The big-gap lead was an advantage for the Vietnamese in the second game where Venezuelan players took the domination. Bigger, taller and stronger, El Bebe, La Roca and El Ciclon overshadowed the physical basketball. They led 14-4 and 23-13, which helped them narrow the aggregate score at 33-31.

However, they made their seventh mistake of the match and the Warriors were given two free throws that youngster Thai Quang successfully scored to make 15-23 for his side.

With just seconds left, the Libertadores could do nothing and lost 35-31.

"We are extremely happy and proud to become the champion of the tournament with the unusual platform in our first time taking part," Quang said.

"Our big thanks to the managers of the club and VIRESA (Vietnam Recreational and Electronic Sports Association) and many fans who cared and supported us during the event. We appreciated that people allowed us to play and helped us win," he added.

The Warriors were the unbeaten team at the event.

Before the final, the Warriors beat Cuban representative Adec 26-25 in the semi-finals. The Warriors won 20-7 in the NBA 2K and lost 6-19 in the physical basketball. The 26-26 draw pushed them to the free throws which the Warriors won 6-5 and walked to the final.

In the group round, the Vietnamese side won over the New House of the hosts and Oguzhan Generation of Turkmenistan.

The Games of the Future 2024, the pinnacle of phygital sports worldwide and the combination of physical and digital skills, is ongoing until March 3.

About 2,000 athletes have showcased their superior skills in 21 disciplines such as battle of robots, Dota 2, Warface, phygital skateboarding, phygital hockey, phygital football, cybathletics and indoor cycling.

A huge bonus of $10 million is up for outstanding teams to win.

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