Vietnamese scientists honored with French Academy of Sciences prize

By VNA   October 18, 2023 | 05:12 am PT
Vietnamese scientists honored with French Academy of Sciences prize
Dr. Hoang Thi Giang (standing, front, middle) at the awarding ceremony in Paris on October 17, 2023. Photo by the Vietnam News Agency
Two Vietnamese scientists have been honored with the French Academy of Sciences' prize for bilateral cooperation in science research between France and ASEAN countries.

The prize was presented to Tran Quang Hoa, a lecturer at Hue University of Education, and Dr. Hoang Thi Giang, a researcher of the Vietnam Institute of Agricultural Genetics, in appreciation of their close and successful collaboration in a cooperation project with France, along with two French scientists who are their co-researchers.

The prize presentation ceremony was held in Paris on Tuesday.

Speaking to Vietnam News Agency’s correspondent in Paris, Dr. Giang said that she has engaged in a 10-year project in the field of researching local rice varieties of Vietnam to create new rice varieties that are resilient to adverse conditions such as pests, drought and salinity, and climate change, and have high productivity and quality.

Stéphan Jouannic, a member of the project, said that the project is an effective cooperation model between Vietnam and France.

Hoa and his co-research Prof. Marc Chardin, said that the prize will create favorable conditions for research teams in Vietnam and France to further their cooperation.

Established in 1666, the French Academy of Sciences presents about 80 awards, scholarships and medals with a total value of more than 1 million EUR each year.

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