Motorcyclist dead after avoiding open car door

By Duc Hung   April 9, 2024 | 07:25 am PT
A 61-year-old man in central Nghe An Province was killed when he swerved his motorcycle to avoid a recklessly open car door.

The 5-seater car driver parked on the side of Pham Hong Thai Street, Vinh City, and then opened the door suddenly on early April 5. The victim swung sharply to the left, then collided with a truck moving ahead.

The motorcyclist fell off his vehicle and died on the spot. The motorbike was damaged by the impact.

The moment a motorcyclist falls off after avoiding an opening car door in Nghe An Province, April 5, 2024. Video provided by a local resident

Police officers were dispatched to the area, and investigated the case.

In September last year, a pregnant woman died after her motorbike crashed into a car door that opened unexpectedly, sending her careening off into a collision with a garbage truck.

Traffic participants who violate regulations on road traffic safety resulting in death face punishment between VND30 million (US$1,200) fine and 5 years imprisonment, according to Vietnamese regulations. The penalties will be more severe depending on the consequences or other combined factors, such as DUI.

Regarding opening car doors carelessly or leaving doors unsafely open, operators of cars can face fines of up to VND400,000.

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