South Korea arrests Vietnamese fishermen over double homicide at sea

By Anh Ngoc   June 24, 2016 | 09:40 pm PT
South Korea arrests Vietnamese fishermen over double homicide at sea
Vessel Kwang Hyun 803 docked in the island nation of Seychelles Victoria. Photo by Yonhap
Two Vietnamese fishermen have been arrested for allegedly stabbing the captain and chief engineer of a South Korean fishing boat to death.

The arrests were made when the ship Kwang Hyun 803 docked at Victoria Harbour in the Seychelles on June 23, four days after the murders, according to Korea Times.

Seven South Korean Coast Guard personnel and local police stormed the ship, gained control and sailed it back to the dock. The Vietnamese men did not resist arrest.

Four Korean patrol staff have put the suspects on airplane to fly back to South Korea. They are expected to arrive at Incheon International Airport this afternoon and will be taken to the Coast Guard base in Busan City for investigation.

"We decided it's better to take them to South Korea as soon as possible for investigation instead of holding them in custody and doing the interogration here," said a coastguard official.

The force also checked the health of the remaining crew members and questioned them about the incident. The ship's operator said they will bring the victims bodies back to their homeland.

A South Korean crewman named Lee testified that the two Vietnamese fishermen stabbed the captain and chief engineer after they drinking a bottle of liqor that the captain had given everyone as a gift. They were subdued by the other fishermen on board.

According to Lee, the Vietnam fishermen were diligent and very obedient workers. Their acts might have been due to the influence of alcohol, he said.

Lee was taken to a local hospital for treatment to minor injuries he sustained while trying to control the two suspects.

A total of 18 fishermen, including three South Koreans, seven Vietnamese and eight Indonesian were aboard the Kwang Hyun 803. After the incident, Lee took control and navigated the ship back to Victoria Harbour.

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