Why Vietnamese students are easy prey

The system invests too much power in teachers, inhibiting communication and adding to the children’s insecurity.

For its own good, Vietnam should stick to agriculture

Vietnam has always been an agricultural country; and after all the brouhaha about industrialization, agriculture ...

It’s time for Vietnam to get rid of addiction to thermal power

Its risk of becoming a "golden dragon that is surrounded by coal ash" is real.
March 05, 2019 | 02:55 pm GMT+7

North Korea can learn from Vietnam’s achievements and its mistakes

Equitable growth, competition and incentives, on the one hand; early environmental protection and ...
February 28, 2019 | 04:09 pm GMT+7

Vietnam’s development path a good roadmap for North Korea

Vietnam’s reforms and international integration offer valuable insights for North Korea.
February 28, 2019 | 09:16 am GMT+7

Vietnam takeaway for North Korea: how to take calculated risks

As hosts of the second Trump-Kim summit, Vietnam has a hugely important role to play.
February 27, 2019 | 02:17 pm GMT+7

Vietnam opened to the world, and has gained its trust

The decision was not easy, but the open-door policy Vietnam adopted has been a tremendous force for ...
February 26, 2019 | 11:03 pm GMT+7

1994-2019: Vietnam’s development pointers for North Korea

Vietnam then (before 1994) and North Korea today are very different, but there’s one similarity: ...
February 25, 2019 | 02:39 pm GMT+7

Trump-Kim summit shows Hanoi as a global connector

The high-level meeting between President Trump and Chairman Kim at the end of the month will allow ...
February 21, 2019 | 09:00 am GMT+7

Trump-Kim summit: Why Vietnam?

The second Trump – Kim Summit will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam, from February 27 to 28. Why is ...
February 20, 2019 | 03:01 pm GMT+7

Vietnam-China border residents teach us the most important war lesson

They remember clearly the horrors of the 1979 Sino-Vietnamese war, but the pain of the past will ...
February 19, 2019 | 02:46 pm GMT+7

Slowly, but surely, an invisible poison is choking Vietnamese cities

Decades of rapid economic growth has been a blessing for Vietnamese cities, as well as a curse in ...
February 11, 2019 | 11:13 am GMT+7

On the outside looking in: A US American in Vietnam

An 'other' reflects on the ways in which he and many others feel they belong, why Vietnam is home.
February 07, 2019 | 11:03 am GMT+7

Vietnam’s ‘cheapness’ is hurting future generations

Cheap labor and resources may attract foreign investors, but the nation and its people benefit ...
February 04, 2019 | 11:27 am GMT+7

An Indian leader who wanted to ‘be reborn as a Vietnamese’

Former Indian Defense Minister George Fernandes died on Tuesday.
January 30, 2019 | 11:56 am GMT+7
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