Is Singapore boring? Depends on what you're looking for

April 6, 2024 | 07:59 pm PT
Is Singapore boring? Depends on what you're looking for
Orchard Spring Lane, Merlion, Singapore, September 2020. Photo by Unsplash/Jisun Han
While some readers shared the sentiment that Singapore has little to offer to tourists, others said it's a good place for business and shopping.

"Singapore is a boring place to visit, with high prices. I prefer visiting neighboring countries which is more diverse and has better landscapes."

"It is a city state not a country so for sure there is not a lot of place to see but Universal studio, the zoo and the botanical garden are great.. and yes it is an expensive place like Hong Kong or New York or London."

"I am also inclined to call Singapore a city-state rather than a country or nation. It is too small and is a young country that was created only in the 20th century. Accordingly, it does not have much to offer to tourists in respect of cultural and historical heritage compared to a typical nation like the U.K, Germany, France, Japan, China, etc."

"It's a soulless place and simply not lovable unless you're hiding troves of cash and are super wealthy. It really has nothing much to offer. It's a money making machine, better earn the SGD and get some life elsewhere mate. And I'm Singaporean so I have every right to make this claim."

"Singapore is a place for career, business, shopping and eating."

"Singapore has one of the most diverse foods in South East Asia. You can say the country is boring and expensive but the food is never dull!"

"Singapore is a country for business and shopping. No beach holiday destination. And Singapore has good hotels, not hostels. If you do your research you know this and visit the country for right reasons."

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