A foreign degree does not ensure high salary in Vietnam

April 10, 2024 | 03:37 pm PT
Spending too much money into overseas study could be a waste for many Vietnamese as they cannot expect to easily find well-paid jobs at home, readers said.

"It is not that people who study abroad to be truly talented to ask for high salary."

"Getting a foreign degree is just like getting ahead with a ticket to the dance floor. How well you perform, adapt, and contribute will determine how far you can go. At times may end up not being compatible with the "production house" despite all the efforts, intelligence and EQ - which is a sign to change."

"Spending VND6 billion (US$240,000) on an education to return to a country where salaries above 20 million are pushing the 1% of highest earners rather shows that you don't understand the concept of ROI."

"Overseas education is just a status symbol. It rarely results in the expected salary, job position, or status when students return, a big reason is that they are doing a degree, for example like Business Administration, which every University in Vietnam [offers].. Another problem is transferring foreign learned skills to a Vietnamese workplace. They are not the same workplace. Vietnam is still 'age is wiser' workplace, thus everyone must wait their turn to climb the career ladder. Lastly the vast amount of money spent/wasted does not transfer into a higher salary, as no work experience, just a piece of paper, like all the other Vietnamese students... Overseas study in many cases is a waste of money with foreign universities already in Vietnam.."

"Appears that many Vietnamese studying abroad has been sold a dream caused by careful selective marketing. VND6 billion (AUD$370,000) for a degree... Unless you're studying medicine; you might as well work in a factory and use that money to invest in real estate."

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