Party balloon explosion injures five in Vietnam, one hospitalized

By VnExpress   March 1, 2017 | 01:01 am PT
Party balloon explosion injures five in Vietnam, one hospitalized
The 34-year-old victim suffers many burns on her face and arms. Photo by VnExpress
A family celebration in Hanoi turned grim after a bunch of balloons exploded into a fireball.

Dozens balloons used for party decoration have exploded in northern Vietnam, leaving five people with burn injuries, one of them has to be hospitalized, one of the victims said.

The 40 balloons, bought by a family in Hanoi to celebrate a member's birthday, went off when a woman was removing them from a plastic bag, said the 34-year-old victim, identified only as Minh.

She was rushed to hospital with multiple burns on her face and hands.

“It was lucky that children were standing far,” said Minh with her face and arms covered in white bandage, “I was aghast at seeing the balloons blowing up that violently.”

The victim was admitted to the Saint-Paul Hospital in shock and would stay for treatment for two weeks, said doctor Nguyen Thong, head of the adult burn department.

The hospital has also been treating a female patient who suffered from various burns on her face and arms due to an explosion of 55 party balloons on Valentine's Day.

The hospital has received dozens of patients with burn injuries caused by balloons, said doctor Thong.

It is suspected that the balloons which exploded and caught fire after coming contact with high temperature were filled with highly inflammable hydrogen, instead of helium.

Both the gases are lighter than air so they make balloons fly. Cheaper hydrogen is sometimes favored by balloon suppliers.

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