Is the crown too heavy for Miss Vietnam 2016?

By Pham Van   August 28, 2016 | 10:29 pm PT
Korean singer steals the show for the wrong reasons.

Last night witnessed the crowning of Miss Vietnam, a pageant held biennially by state-run newspaper Tienphong and aired live on national television channel VTV1.


Miss Vietnam 2016: Do My Linh. Photo by VnExpress/Mr Bil

The latest winner of the crown is Do My Linh, born in 1996, and coincidentally a student from the same university that gave Vietnam its last beauty queen two years ago, Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen. Duyen was banned from this year's show, both visually and physically, for behavior deemed inappropriate by the pageant’s organizers, that included smoking and going to a bar with friends.

Despite supposedly focusing on beauty, a large amount of chatter about the show seems to be about the Korean entertainer invited to perform on the night. Rain, the Korean singer, halved his fee to perform at the event in the knowledge of the show’s significance to the country, according to this year’s director. However, netizens are unhappy about the decision to have Korean songs performed during a Vietnamese show.


Rain performs at Miss Vietnam 2016. Photo by VnExpress

A comment by user Linhlinh on VnExpress which received 200 upvotes reads: “Singing Korean songs to whom? What a waste of money!”

Another by Binhle with nearly 300 upvotes says: “Bi Rain is screaming, unbearable!”

Many have also expressed their disapproval of the new beauty queen, saying that she is not actually beautiful off stage.

The top comment on the article about Do My Linh’s road to beauty queen reads: “Just a common beauty, she doesn’t have what it requires to be a beauty queen.”

Beauty pageants are very popular in Vietnam, where beauty queens enjoy A-class celebrity status and are considered role models for young girls. They are thus expected to live a clean life and set a good example; something that can prove difficult given their new-found stardom.

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