Hanoi sends giant workforce to meet new sky train test-run deadline

By Giang Huy, Doan Loan   April 3, 2018 | 11:16 pm PT
500 workers have been deployed for the Cat Linh - Ha Dong project, compared to 400 last year.
Aerial view of the Depots construction site.The Depot for Cat Linh - Ha Dong elevated railways is situated in Ha Dong District, Hanoi, spanning 19.6 hectares and containing facilities like control centers and electric booths.

An aerial view of the main depot's construction site. The depot for the Cat Linh - Ha Dong elevated railway in Ha Dong District, Hanoi, spans 19.6 hectares and is home to the railway's control center.

Workers do labor works on-site.Every day there are 500 on-site workers working on the project, up 25 percent from last year, according to the projects management board.

Every day, 500 workers are working on the site, up 25 percent from last year, according to the project's management board.

A worker cuts a steel beam.Chinese contractors are expected to finish installing equipment and decorating interiors for the station this month. The railways are to go live in May.

A worker cuts a steel beam. Chinese contractors are expected to finish installing equipment and decorating the interior of the station this month. The power supply system for the railway will be completed in May.

Electricians double-check electric panels.Chinese engineers install and double-check equipment in electric booths. Most equipment were imported from China.

Chinese engineers perform technical inspections. The equipment was imported mostly from China, and 80 percent of it is ready in Vietnam.

The railways are under construction.Every train going in and out the Depot has to undergo safety checks regularly. They are cleaned and maintained after each session.

The railway under construction.

Trains are stationed in depots, waiting to be deployed. Pictured: Van Khe station.Workers are installing electric systems for the railways in Van Khe station. The task is expected to finish this month.

A train at Van Khe Station. Workers are installing electric systems for the railway, and expect to finish the work this month.

Technicians check the railways for possible faults.

Technicians check the rail line for possible faults. The highly-anticipated railway will undergo test runs in September and will be launched three to six months after that.

The Cat Linh - Ha Dong railway project started in 2011 and was supposed to go into operation in December 2016. However, construction delays have pushed back the expected completion date. The original cost estimate of $552.86 million has ballooned to more than $868 million, including $670 million in loans from China.

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