Hanoi erupts as Vietnam scripts football history

By Staff reporters   August 23, 2018 | 03:46 pm PT
A newcomer to Hanoi might be forgiven for thinking that Vietnam won the World Cup on Thursday night.

Minutes after Vietnam’s men’s football team underlined the strides they have been making in recent years with their first ever entry into the quarterfinals of the Asian Games, thousands of delirious fans hit the streets in frenzied celebration, blaring, honking and hooting.

Downtown Hanoi was a scream Thursday night.

The roar that broke out in the city when Vietnam scored a solitary goal in the dying minutes of their match against Bahrain set the stage for what followed.

Fans flood Hanoi streets for celebration after Vietnam football teams victory

9:30 p.m. - At the Hanoi Medical University, students wearing national flag t-shirts linked arms in a circle and chanted celebratory slogans. Photo by Giang Huy

9:45 pm - Right after the game, Mai Van The, a student went out the street with a big Vietnam flag in his hands, ready to join the cheering crowd. Photo by Gia Chinh

9:45 p.m. - Mai Van The, a student, well prepared for the moment with a big national flag and a national flag t-shirt, was ready to join the crowd. Photo by Gia Chinh

10:15 pm - 45 minutes after the final whistle, Hoan Kiem Lake started getting crowded, some people even took their kids out to rejoice.Photo by Giang Huy

10:15 p.m. - 45 minutes after the final whistle, people were streaming to the Hoan Kiem Lake, with many parents taking their kids along for the ride. Photo by Giang Huy

10:40 pm - And only 25 minutes later, you could barely even move on the streets as they are flooded by light flares, Vietnam flags and cheers from children to adults. Photo by Gia Chinh

10:40 p.m. – The streets were flooded with light flares, Vietnamese flags and cheering adults and children. Photo by Gia Chinh

11:00 - Even the foreigners have joined the party with Vietnamese fans. Jack from Croatia live streamed the crazy atmosphere that was happening at Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square.

11:00 p.m. – The joy was infectious. Jack from Croatia live-streamed the crazy atmosphere at the Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square. Photo by Gia Chinh

A fan girl on Hanois street. Photo by Giang Huy

A woman wears a feathered headband with the national colors . Photo by Giang Huy

This fan is all sweaty screaming with excitement.

One fan gets all sweaty, hollering into a loudspeaker. Photo by Giang Huy

Foreign tourists join the waving flag in Hanoi. Photo by Giang Huy

Foreigners join the party, waving the national flag. Photo by Giang Huy

After the game, broadcaster VOV announced a reward of VND500 million ($4,300) for the players and Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc sent a congratulatory message to the team.

Vietnam’s quarterfinal opponent will be Syria, who beat Palestine 1-0 in their round of 16 match.

Watch the tension and excitement in Saigon during the game:

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