Pieces of US Navy plane found under Mekong Delta pond

By Cuu Long   July 13, 2022 | 06:32 pm PT
Pieces of US Navy plane found under Mekong Delta pond
Metal pieces that belonged to a U.S. Navy plane are excavated from a pond in Tra Vinh. Photo by VnExpress/Chau Thanh
Military engineers are examining the remains of a U.S. Navy plane found under a pond by a local man and sold as scrap in Tra Vinh Province.

Colonel Tran Quoc Khanh, deputy head of the 9th Military Region staff department’s engineering division, said Wednesday a team checking metal pieces and parachutes found on land owned by Le Van Cham, 54, in the southern province found ‘US.NAVY’ written on the latter.

"We believe these are the remains of a plane shot during the war."

But the team has yet to identify the aircraft, he said.

The division has suggested to the Ministry of National Defense that a search has to be made for the remaining debris.

On July 8, while working in his shrimp pond, Cham saw oil stains rising to the surface. He used machines to dredge the bottom and found several pieces of metal. Since they had rusted, he sold them as scrap.

When the military caught wind of the incident, they cordoned off the area and sent personnel to the site to look for more remains.

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