Nha Trang reclaims resort beach for public use

By Bui Toan   January 18, 2024 | 11:55 pm PT
A private luxury resort along the coastal road in Nha Trang has been dismantled to create open space for the public to enjoy the city's famed natural beach.

The demolition of the 28,000-sq.m-site was completed on Wednesday, and the entire Evason Ana Madara resort facility has vanished from the beach beside Tran Phu Street in the central town center.

On Jan. 17, several excavators were seen clearing the remaining concrete debris alongside Tran Phu. By the next day, all that was left of the Ana Mandara rubble was gone.

After more than a year of dismantling, all the former Evason resort’s structures and rooms have finally been cleared so that people can once again access the waterfront freely.

The resort was built in 1995, covering 28,000 sq.m of land and occupying 10,000 sq.m of water surface, as per a rental agreement signed with provincial authorities in Khanh Hoa, home to Nha Trang.

In June 2022, the province decided to take the space back for public use.

"Now the road to the beach has become much airier and wider," said a local named Khai An, 18.

According to the Nha Trang municipal government, the area will be used as a public beach and park, accompanied by commercial stalls to provide services and amenities for beach and park users.

The area will also feature restaurants, cafes, and bars.

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