Influencer faces jail for negative food reviews

By Thanh Lam   April 2, 2024 | 12:42 am PT
Influencer faces jail for negative food reviews
Nigerian social media influencer Chioma Okali. Photo courtesy of her Facebook
A Nigerian social media influencer with over 18,000 followers could face seven years in prison for sharing negative reviews about a renowned brand of canned tomato puree.

Chioma Okali, 39, is set to stand trial on April 18 after being accused of breaching cybercrime laws, The Telegraph reported.

She could also face a fine of $5,000 if found guilty.

She was arrested last year after she shared a picture of an open tomato puree can on her Facebook page, saying it was too sweet and asking for her followers' opinions on the product, CNN reported.

Her post quickly drew attention from others, with thousands of negative comments.

One user who claimed to be the younger sister of the founder of Erisco Foods Limited asked Okali to stop spoiling her brother's product, according to CNN. However, Okali responded by telling the user to advise her brother to "stop killing people with his product," adding it was pure sugar not tomato.

Erisco Foods Limited, the tomato puree can's manufacturer, accused Okali of defaming its reputation. She later was detainedby police officers.

Police said she had violated laws in relation "to the proper use of cyberspace."

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