330 chickens intended for poor families end up at official's relative

By Dac Thanh   February 16, 2024 | 01:24 am PT
330 chickens intended for poor families end up at official's relative
Chickens belonging to a poverty support project are raised in the house of a sister-in-law of Binh Lam Commune's chairman in Quang Nam Province. Photo by VnExpress/Dac Thanh
The sister-in-law of a commune chairman in Quang Nam Province was allocated 330 chicks belonging to a poverty support project, despite her not being on the eligible list.

According to inspectors in Hiep Duc District of the central province, Binh Lam Commune undertook a chicken farming project to generate stable income and improve the living standards of the community in 2023.

The intended beneficiaries of the project were poor families, near-poor families, families that had recently escaped poverty, ethnic minority families, people who had contributed to war revolutions, and people with disabilities.

In line with the project, 10 families were allocated 3,300 chickens, with a total investment of over VND144 million (US$5,900) from the state budget.

The Organic Green Nguyen Hung agricultural cooperative in the district provided the chicks and guaranteed the purchase of the products for the raisers.

On Thursday, Dang Ngoc So, Chief Inspector of Hiep Duc District, announced the conclusions of an inspection of the project which found that the commune's authorities had distributed the chicks to 10 families without surveying and informing the public.

All 10 households that received chickens were incorrectly targeted and did not meet the eligibility criteria.

Among them was Nguyen Thi Hien, the sister-in-law of the commune’s chairman Nguyen Huu Son, who was allocated 330 chicks.

"Hien was not in the priority group but was included in the project list, contrary to regulations," the inspectors concluded.

The inspection determined that chairman Son organized the project's implementation improperly, without following the correct procedures and transparency.

He also showed a lack of responsibility in guiding the project's implementation, leading to the allocation of chicks to the wrong beneficiaries and exceeding the approved quota of chicks.

He supported his relative, knowing she was not in the priority group and ineligible for the project.

The district inspection recommended that he repay over VND144 million spent against regulations.

"The district's People's Committee is requested to hold Son accountable for the violations," the inspection report stated.

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