VnExpress Marathon Da Nang Midnight unveils runner shirts

By Nguyen Nghia   April 16, 2024 | 07:05 pm PT
The VnExpress Marathon Da Nang Midnight 2024 shirts feature neon yellow and mint green tones, inspired by the vibrant rhythm of the coastal city.

Three months before the VnExpress Marathon Da Nang Midnight 2024, the organizers launched the design for the first item, the runner shirt. Runners registering for the Da Nang night run will wear one of two versions: a T-shirt or a singlet.

The design team shared that the shirts are inspired by the dynamism and youthfulness of Da Nang, dubbed the "most livable city in Vietnam." After numerous drafts and color schemes, the organizers settled on neon yellow paired with mint green.

"The colors were chosen to stand out at night while simulating the bright, vibrant yellow sunlight that permeates every corner of the city during the summer. The mint green creates balance, bringing a cool feeling amid the summer weather in July," the design team said.

Design of VnExpress Marathon Da Nang Midnight 2024 run shirts.

Design of VnExpress Marathon Da Nang Midnight 2024 T-shirt.

The main details embossed on the shirts were conceptualized from the bokeh lights on the city streets at night. The unconventional "Da Nang Midnight" text is embossed on the front and debossed on the back, creating a dynamic and youthful feel. "For other VnExpress Marathon events, the font designs are quite common and neatly presented. For Da Nang, we wanted to create a breakthrough to fully depict the vitality, youth, and dynamism of the city," the design team said.

Shirts for this year's VnExpress Marathon series use microfiber fabric. This fabric has antibacterial properties, minimizes odor from sweat, and is thin and breathable, making it suitable for outdoor sports activities.

The organizers assessed that after testing various fabrics, microfiber has the most advantages. The fabric is less prone to wrinkling and pilling, maintains its softness, has a long lifespan, does not lose shape, and does not fade over time when used properly.

Moreover, the shirts use heat transfer printing technology, allowing for a variety of patterns and designs. The ink penetrates each fiber, providing high color fastness, sharp images, and resistance to fading when washed or stretched. The products are from Newton, distributed by Key Power Sports Vietnam.

Other designs, including finisher shirts for the 21 km and 42 km distances and medals, will be announced by the organizers in the coming time.

VnExpress Marathon Da Nang Midnight is the third night run in the VnExpress Marathon series, following Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Da Nang is known as the city of bridges in Vietnam. Participating in the race, runners have the opportunity to conquer famous bridges such as the Han River Bridge, Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, and admire the poetic Han River at night. Runners can register for the race here.

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