My wife resolute against moving to my hometown and living with my parents

By Hoang Hai   April 10, 2024 | 08:17 pm PT
My parents are urging us to move from the urban center back to my hometown to assist them in their later years, yet my wife is not in agreement.

At 37, with a wife and two kids, I’ve been a resident of Ho Chi Minh City since my college days, marking nearly two decades.

Reflecting on the years gone by, I realize my significant achievements amount to my wife and children. My income has been stagnant at VND14 million (US$561) for years, and frankly, the job has grown tedious. Competing with co-workers and the constant pressure of sales targets only add to the daily grind.

Meanwhile, my wife’s job brings in VND9 million a month, which makes it just enough for us to cover our VND6 million monthly rent and the expenses for our kids in seventh and third grade, leaving us with little to nothing at the end of the month.

Peering into the future, I find no clear or brighter prospects by staying put, as my morale and enthusiasm wane. The toll of work stress is significant, with scarcely any happiness remaining.

My parents, residing in Dong Nai within the Southeast region and about 60 km from our current home, have proposed we relocate closer to them. Nearing 70, they wish for the proximity of their offspring and grandchildren. They offer a large home near schools and cultivatable land for vegetables. With their pensions and income from five rental units, they could provide us financial support during tough times.

As the firstborn, my grandparents’ desire for us to return and support them in their senior years weighs on me, considering the challenges they’d face with us continuing in our city rental. Imagining a life where my wife manages a sugarcane juice and snack stall for nearby school students and I secure a less stressful job with a reasonable salary nearly convinces me to heed my parents’ request. After all, life boils down to simple daily sustenance, questioning the worth of our relentless pursuit.

However, my wife opposed it when I shared my stance with her, citing her uncertainty of what her life would entail living with my parents.

How can I convince my wife?

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