My foreign boyfriend does not forgive me for seeing another man

By Cam Chuong   January 6, 2024 | 03:00 pm PT
I am 24, and I met my same-age foreign boyfriend through a friend's introduction.

My boyfriend is still studying, and we maintained in a long-distance relationship as he lives abroad. Despite that, he always worried, cared, and tried to take care of me. However, we sometimes argued because he got jealous, fearing I might be seeing someone else.

I have to admit that I was not too serious about my relationship with him when we started. So, there was one time when we fought, and he suggested breaking up. I got uncertain about our future, and I saw another man. However, I then realized that I really love my boyfriend and stopped that relationship.

When my boyfriend and I made up later and he visited me, he saw my chat history with that other man and got mad. He decided to break up once again.

I deeply regret what I did. I have apologized and asked him for forgiveness, hoping to get back together, but he disagreed. It has been almost a week, and he is still very resentful, leaving me crying every day, feeling desperate and disheartened.

Is there a chance for us to get back together?

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