Is my mother-in-law disrespectful to my mother?

By Phuong Nga   January 3, 2024 | 06:00 pm PT
My mother-in-law was absent most of the time when my mother went to visit her.

I moved to my mother-in-law's house in Dong Nai for postpartum care immediately after I gave birth at a hospital. There was only me, my newborn, and my mother-in-law there, as my father-in-law had passed, and my husband worked in another city, visiting only once or twice a month.

After I stayed there for about five months, my husband and I, along with our child, visited my mother in the North. We then invited her to our southern home to help with the baby since I was planning to return to work. My aunt and her daughter accompanied us on this trip.

My mother-in-law had previously invited my mother to visit her in Dong Nai. Therefore, I suggested my aunt and mother drop by her place. The journey from our place to my mother-in-law’s took about four hours. We left on a Saturday morning and returned by Sunday afternoon, allowing me to resume work on Monday.

We reached my mother-in-law’s home at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday. Despite feeling tired from the trip, my aunt’s daughter and I quickly started helping my mother-in-law tidy her house. She then informed us she had to attend a neighbor's wedding, leaving us to have dinner without her.

Upon returning from the wedding, my mother-in-law briefly interacted with my mother and aunt before heading out again to the community center for exercise and dance activities. She informed me at midnight about another village event she planned to attend the next day. Despite my suggestion to stay home, she was adamant about going.

Consequently, she missed having lunch with my mother, aunt, and cousin the following day. During our nearly two-day stay, the only meal she shared with my relatives was dinner just before we left for my city home.

This made me feel as though she was being disrespectful to my mother and aunt. Am I right?

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