I’m overwhelmed with pressure of handling company’s year-end party

By Huynh Ngan   January 23, 2024 | 03:00 pm PT
I work in the Administration - Human Resources department, and my greatest dread is organizing year-end parties for my company.

My boss insists on art performances, which the employees are generally averse to, leaving me in a difficult position trying to please both sides. This situation subjects me to immense pressure.

Moreover, the workload during these events is strenuous for me and my colleagues. While others enjoy their meals, we are responsible for overseeing every aspect from beginning to end. We are the last to leave, only after ensuring everything has concluded smoothly and no issues have arisen.

It is a relief if there are no complaints about the party afterwards. However, should any issues arise, such as subpar food or poor restaurant service, our department faces criticism.

Additionally, these parties often take place on weekends. Despite staying late to ensure everything is in order, this extra time is not recognized as overtime, leading to exhaustion without additional compensation.

I wonder if others have similar experiences. What are your thoughts on year-end parties?

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