I’m dissatisfied with my programmer husband’s monthly earnings of $1,600

By Hai Yen   April 15, 2024 | 06:09 pm PT
I believe that with his educational qualifications and experience, my husband could secure a higher salary if he were to apply himself more.

My husband works as a programmer in Hanoi, and despite his nearly ten years of experience, he earns about VND40 million ($1,588) each month.

I’ve frequently encouraged him to enhance his skills and learn foreign languages to broaden his career prospects and increase his earnings. Yet, he merely responds noncommittally and eventually abandons the idea.

The current state of affairs deeply concerns me, as the programming field isn’t expanding as vigorously as it used to. Additionally, with the younger workforce being highly proactive, I’m apprehensive that he might not be able to keep up with the competition and will be surpassed.

It’s evident to me that he could significantly boost his income if he leveraged his education and experience more effectively, given that his present salary is below the industry standard, and he shouldn’t be content with that. Nonetheless, I find myself at a loss to motivate him.

Could you offer me any suggestions on how to encourage my husband to put in more effort?

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