Techcombank recruitment event in Australia attracts thousands of candidates

By Thy An   July 3, 2023 | 10:00 pm PT
Techcombank held an event in Australia to recruit employees last week and it attracted nearly 80 senior-level personnel and over 3,000 other candidates.

Australia is the fourth destination for such an event after successful earlier ones in Singapore, the U.K. and the U.S. last year.

It helped the lender connect with talented in Australia.

The number of candidates, all of them Vietnamese-born people, increased by 30% compared to last year. Many of them actively connected with Techcombank to learn more about the market as well as the opportunity to return and contribute to Vietnam.

The event provided candidates with information about the bank’s competitive policies and benefits, the opportunity to return to their homeland and work for a leading organization in Vietnam.

Techcombanks recruitment event in Australia attracted over thousands of candidates

Techcombank's board of directors at the recruitment event in Australia, June 2023. Photo courtesy of Techcombank

Brain drain is one of the major problems for many countries, including Vietnam.

According to the World Bank, for nearly 40 years, more than 70 highly educated people have migrated from Latin America to the U.S., Canada and the U.K. every day on average.

The U.S. has always been a magnet, with a strong attraction for people in finance, causing talent issues in many countries, including India, Russia, Korea, China, Canada, Britain, France...

According to Techcombank executives, brain drain is quite common in developing countries due to the impacts of demand in the global labor market.

Currently the labor market has an excess of unskilled workers but a shortage of skilled ones, especially those with high technical qualifications and management skills.

The development of the information technology industry is another reason for a shortage of human resources.

Therefore, attracting talent and expertise in this field faces stiff competition, not only for organizations but even countries.

Techcombanks recruitment event in Australia attracted over thousands of candidates - 1

Nikki Dang My Quyen, chief human resources officer of Techcombank. Photo courtesy of Techcombank

Nikki Dang My Quyen, chief human resources officer of Techcombank, says the bank is looking toward to Australia because it is a country many Vietnamese choose to go to study.

So the availability of candidates for the Techcombank Talent Roadshow in Australia is high, especially in areas like technology and data, she says.

"We believe that with our policies to attract talent and our reputation and working environment that facilitates the development of each individual, Vietnamese-born talent will return and join Techcombank in its mission to transform the financial industry and improve the quality of life."

To inform candidates in a most comprehensive way, senior leaders of Techcombank personally took part in the event and interacted with them.

The bank is committed to investing and creating the best conditions for talent, one of its strategic pillars for implementing its vision in future.

The Techcombank Talent Roadshow in Australia also became a place to connect with talented Vietnamese living there.

Henry Nguyen, who participated in the event, says he has followed Techcombank's programs to attract Vietnamese in Singapore, the U.K., the U.S., and now Australia.

"We look forward to the event because this is an important opportunity for Vietnamese expatriates to have the chance to return to contribute to their homeland, use their knowledge and experience from foreign countries and continue to develop themselves."

The candidates and senior peronnels gathered at Techcombanks Talent Roadshow in Australia last week. Photo courtesy of Techcombank

Candidates with senior personnel at the Techcombank Talent Roadshow in Australia, June 2023. Photo courtesy of Techcombank

Helly Tran, an expert in computing, says after studying and working in Australia she is looking for the right time to return. She is very interested in the opportunity at Techcombank and would like to learn more about it.

With its international standards and reputation, Techcombank adopts remuneration programs and policies that help develop human resources and create the best conditions for employees’ self-improvement.

"We are committed to creating fair conditions to unleash the potential of employees in all positions and units across our system," a Techcombank leader says.

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