My mother seeks control over my finances

By Ngoc Ha   July 1, 2024 | 05:14 pm PT
My mother wants to hold onto my entire salary and then allocate VND2 million (US$79) to me each month for personal expenses.

I am 24, living in Ho Chi Minh City and working at a Japanese company with a monthly salary of VND27 million. Additionally, I earn VND12 million from tutoring Japanese in the evenings.

I have been financially independent since ninth grade and supported my own education by 11th grade. Through university, I worked part-time, hunted for scholarships, and struggled to support myself. Now, I aim to relax and enjoy life, but face resistance from my parents.

My parents are laborers who spent over 20 years saving to buy a 27-square-meter house. Growing up in scarcity, I now use my earnings to improve our family’s lifestyle—upgrading our diet, buying quality clothes, and treating my siblings to restaurants and sweets. They are delighted, but my expenditures often lead to criticism from my parents for being wasteful. Now, I only reveal a third of the actual prices to avoid their rebuke.

Each month, I manage to save VND12-15 million for myself, with the rest spent on family needs. However, my mother believes I am too extravagant and has suggested she manage all my earnings, promising to invest in gold for my future marriage.

I disagreed with her plan, as I do not intend to marry until my late 20s. Despite this, she reminds me daily to give her money, even though I already cover all household expenses, making my living situation uncomfortable.

What should I do now?

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