Taiwanese actor Mike He’s residence raided by police

By Nhu Anh   May 26, 2024 | 10:52 pm PT
Police confiscated a phone and several documents from the residence of renowned Taiwanese actor Mike He but have not yet provided a reason for the action.
Taiwanese actor Mike He. Photo from Hes Instagram

Taiwanese actor Mike He. Photo from He's Instagram

Next Apple reported that Taipei officials conducted a search of He’s home on Friday morning, though they have not called the actor in for questioning.

"I appreciate everyone’s concern, and I will cooperate with the authorities’ investigation," He subsequently declared.

Ettoday’s sources indicated that the police are looking into allegations from a bar waitress who has accused He of sexual harassment. She claims they met when He attended a birthday celebration at the bar she worked at, and alleges that he groped her while intoxicated.

The news of the raid on He’s home has attracted massive attention, accumulating hundreds of millions of views on the Chinese social media platform Weibo.

The incident has also caused widespread astonishment, particularly as other prominent Taiwanese figures have recently faced similar allegations. Notably, actor Chris Wang was sentenced to eight months in prison on Friday for groping a female assistant.

He, 41, began his acting career in the 2004 Taiwanese TV series "Seventh Grade," alongside actress-singer Ariel Lin, and rapidly rose to fame.

In 2017, He announced via a Facebook post that he had officially registered his marriage to a non-celebrity, as reported by The Straits Times. The couple is said to have two children.

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