Miss Hong Kong reportedly dates businessman 31 years her senior

By Nguyen Huong   June 17, 2024 | 06:08 pm PT
Denice Lam, 30, winner of the Miss Hong Kong 2022 pageant, is reportedly in a relationship with 61-year-old businessman Philip Ma.
Miss Hong Kong 2022 Denice Lam. Photo from Lams Instagram

Miss Hong Kong 2022 Denice Lam. Photo from Lam's Instagram

According to Sohu, Lam has been involved with Ma since early this year. Paparazzi have frequently spotted the beauty queen driving to Ma’s villa and staying for extended periods. On one occasion, she was seen leaving his residence appearing extremely tired.

Sources claim that after securing the Miss Hong Kong title, Lam joined TVB as an actress, but her career did not take off as expected and her earnings remained modest. However, her lifestyle appears to have been upgraded recently. She has been observed driving a luxury sports car, residing in an affluent area, and traveling extensively.

Lam, born to a Hong Kong father and an English mother, experienced her parents’ divorce early on. She lived with her mother and only reestablished contact with her father at the age of 14.

At 19, she returned to Hong Kong to compete in the Miss Hong Kong pageant but did not place in the top 20. She pursued a modeling career before winning the 2022 Miss Hong Kong pageant.

Ma is a racing driver and descendant of the founder of Tai Sang Bank in Hong Kong. He married Winnie Chin, the runner-up of the Miss Hong Kong 1981 pageant, in 1995. The couple has three children.

Ma has faced accusations of infidelity, and he is currently engaged in ongoing divorce proceedings with Chin.

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