Actress Xu Zijun, 26, admits receiving money from 52-year-old actor Gao Yalin but denies affair

By Nguyen Huong   May 13, 2024 | 09:03 pm PT
26-year-old Chinese actress Xu Zijun stated that she received financial support from actor Gao Yalin, 52, but denied being his mistress.
Chinese actress Xu Zijun. Photo from Xus Weibo

Chinese actress Xu Zijun. Photo from Xu's Weibo

According to Sinchew, Xu admitted in a Weibo post that Gao invited her out for dinner and transferred money to her as a means of "support." However, she emphasized that receiving the money did not mean she was his mistress.

"Just because I took his money doesn’t mean I should be insulted like this," she claimed.

She further asserted that although Gao approached her first, telling her he had divorced, she never accepted Gao’s romantic advances, and they never established a romantic relationship.

Xu revealed that after discovering Gao was cohabiting and had a child with his girlfriend, actress Wei Jia, she cut off contact with him.

She added that she always regarded Gao as a respected senior and demanded an apology from Gao for deceiving her.

In response to Xu’s post, many criticized her for being easy and condemned the idea of "taking money from a man but not acknowledging being a mistress."

"Smells like a homewrecker," a netizen said.

"Better not to explain, just reflect on yourself," wrote another.

On May 8, Wei accused Gao of having an affair with Xu while she was pregnant. She posted screenshots of romantic and flirtatious messages between Gao and Xu, alleging that they had planned a dinner date when her child with Gao was just two months old. Gao reportedly covered the expenses and transferred 38,888 yuan (US$5,382) and 28,888 yuan to Xu.

Additionally, Wei claimed that Gao physically assaulted her by strangling and slapping her during her fifth month of pregnancy.

She further revealed that after discovering the affair, she and Gao had a severe argument, leading to their separation. Wei stated they no longer cohabit and that she is raising their child alone without any financial support from Gao.

Xu pursued modeling during her high school years before gaining admission to the renowned Beijing Film Academy, an institution noted for its distinguished Chinese actor alumni.

She was dubbed the "beauty queen" of the academy, celebrated for her large round eyes, fair complexion, and slender legs. Her distinctive appearance has helped her secure roles in several television series, including "Twenty Your Life On," "Run for Young," and "My Super Hero."

Gao, a prominent Chinese actor, is widely recognized for his role in the sitcom "Home with Kids." Typically portraying positive characters, his mature image has endeared him to audiences, earning him the labels "nation’s father" and "nation’s husband" on screen.

Gao was previously married to actress Shi Wei, 41, in 2008. After their separation, it is believed he began living with Wei, though their marriage was not officially registered.

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