Vietnam’s ‘coronavirus song’ goes viral again with American cover version

By Dat Phan   March 14, 2020 | 08:26 pm PT
The Good Morning Nags, an Indie Folk and Americana Band from New York, have produced an English version of Vietnam’s coronavirus song.

Redoing the song in their well-known folk music style, The Good Morning Nags have called it the "Washing Hand Song". The song was posted on the band's YouTube channel March 11 with lyrics translated from the Vietnamese coronavirus song "Ghen Co Vy" with a few modifications to reflect the current situation in the U.S.

The remix carries an American folk music vige with Blues and Country music influences. The band said that with Covid-19 reaching New York, so they wanted to use the song to raise people's awareness of prevention measures, just as the Vietnamese artists did.

The MV has proved a hit in different countries like Germany, Austria and India and on social media networks. Vietnamese audiences have commented that the cover blows a new breath into "Ghen Co Vy", especially with its catchy music.

Khac Hung, who wrote the original song, wrote on his personal page: "This version is really great. You guys are amazing."

The Good Morning Nags, a band with six members, was founded in 2014 in New York. They have released two albums so far.

"Ghen Co Vy", penned by Khac Hung, released on February 23 by Min and Erik, was a project initiated the Vietnamese Ministry of Health to increase awareness about Covid-19 prevention.

The song went viral worldwide after being broadcast on HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, who praised Vietnam for many useful propaganda measures on the disease.

Audiences worldwide lauded the song. International media, including the U.S., South Korea and India also praised it. At the moment, Musicians Mew Amazing and Khac Hung are working on a separate English version of the song, scheduled for release this weekend.

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