Spotify lets Vietnamese artists put up their personal favorites

By Long Nguyen   May 15, 2020 | 12:30 am PT
Music streaming platform Spotify is playing Vietnamese artists’ favorite music, both local and global.

Spotify has let them take over some of its Moods and Moments playlists and share their favorite music on them. 

Singer Vu Cat Tuong hosts "Thoai Mai Gac Chan Len" (Comfortable To Cross Your Legs) that kicked off May 13, featuring Vietnamese songs like "Lan Cuoi (Di Ben Em Xot Xa Nguoi Oi)" [The Last Time (It still hurts being beside you)] by Vietnamese band Ngot (Sweet), etc.

Other artists will take over Spotify playlists weekly to connect with fans, who have remained home amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The music streaming platform hopes to connect artists and its users, bringing them together via music.

Vu Cat Tuong is the first Vietnamese artist to share her favorite songs with Spotify users, other artists will take over weekly. Photo courtesy of Spotify.

Vu Cat Tuong is the first Vietnamese artist to share her favorite songs on Spotify. Photo courtesy of Spotify.

The world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service has also unveiled a campaign called ‘Listening Together’, which enables users to see other people playing a song at the same time on a real-time visualization website.

Spotify came to Vietnam in 2018. Globally, it has around 286 million active users of whom 130 million are premium subscribers, according to its report in May.

Tuong is a popular songwriter and singer. U.S. music magazine Billboard called her "one of the most famous names in Vietnam’s music industry today," citing her powerful voice and ability to write and compose songs in multiple genres. She was included in the Forbes Vietnam 30 Under 30 list in 2018. 

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