Pitchfork highlights Vietnamese songs gone viral on TikTok

By Dang Khoa   August 8, 2021 | 05:13 pm PT
Pitchfork highlights Vietnamese songs gone viral on TikTok
Vietnamese singer Luong Khanh Ly in the video of 'Con Gai Mien Tay'. Photo courtesy of SKY Music Official.
American online music publication Pitchfork praised multiple Vietnamese tracks for going viral on social media platform TikTok.

In an article published last week, Pitchfork noted that '2 Phut Hon' (Over Two Minutes) by Vietnamese female rapper Phao, real name Nguyen Dieu Huyen, and local DJ/producer KAIZ had become popular globally on the social media app.

The song became a mega hit worldwide and even topped the most searched song list globally on Shazam, an app that can identify music and TV shows by listening to a short audio sample, in December last year. After, many TikTok users from around the world made a dance cover, swaying their hips along to the melody. The song was such a TikTok hit that American rapper Tyga contacted Phao to collaborate and together released mixtape '2 Phut Hon' (Make It Hot) [KAIZ Remix].

A Chinese woman dances to the tune of '2 Phut Hon' on social media app Douyin. Video by Douyin account Beilajiejie.

Besides '2 Phut Hon', Pitchfork wrote that many Vietnamese songs had "crossed over onto international TikTok recently", including 'The Magic Bomb Remix' by Hoang Read and Tai Muzik, which sparked the "chopping dance" trend.

Both songs were later released via Dutch electronic music label Spinnin' Records. A staff member from the company’s A&R (artists and repertoire) division, charged with talent scouting, told Pitchfork it was keeping "a close eye on Vietnam these days."

The publication pointed out that most viral hits stemming from Vietnam have a Vinahouse beat, "a remix-centric, high-octane variant of EDM similar to Eurodance, that’s pretty much inescapable in Vietnamese clubs."

But it also noted that a Vietnamese song about the countryside titled "Duoi Que Vui Hon" (rough translation, "It Is More Fun In The Countryside") by singer Luong Khanh Ly also went unexpectedly viral on TikTok. Many Vietnamese-Americans have used this song in their short videos to rep their own culture and identity. The song even gained popularity among non-Vietnamese users.

Multiple Vietnamese songs have trended on TikTok and Chinese version Douyin, including 'Cu Chill Thoi' (Just Chill) by indie band Chillies, ‘De Den De Di' (Easy Come Easy Go) by singer Le Quang Hung.

With 25.4 million followers, Kazakhstani TikToker Alina Kim has made a dance cover based on the Vietnamese song "OK" while the dance by Vietnamese rapper Lona Kieu Loan also went viral earlier this year, receiving more than three million views.

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