Olympics celebrates Micheal Phelps with Vietnamese cowherd's number song

By Long Nguyen   August 3, 2021 | 06:00 pm PT
A short video honoring legendary American swimmer Michael Phelps featuring the number song performed by Vietnamese cowherd Soytiet was posted on the Olympic TikTok and Instagram pages.

"Can someone overtake Michael Phelps's medal tally? We'll need to record a new song, if so...," the Instagram and TikTok account of the international sporting event wrote, with a video recording Phelps receiving 28 medals, making him the most successful and decorated Olympian of all time.

Many netizens are excited about the number song, which made the Vietnamese cowherd an international sensation.

"We will need him to compose another number song if someone breaks Phelps's record," an Instagrammer commented.

Olympics honors Michael Phelps using Soytiets song. Photo courtesy of Michael Phelps and Soytiet.

Olympics honors Michael Phelps using Soytiet'spopularsong. Photo courtesy of Michael Phelps and Soytiet.

Tiet became an Internet phenomenon after several international stars commented and worked on his numbers song, in which he puts numbers in English, alphabets, and days in a week to an impromptu tune.

Among those who shared and commented on his video were American rapper Carbi B and singer Rihanna who said, tongue-in-cheek, that he was the only one she would trust to count the vote in the U.S. Presidential elections.

Tiet's initial video has raked in over two million views on YouTube while the Number Song (From 41 to 49) video boasts 2.6 million.

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